When was the last time you went to a bank? Or stood in line to pay an electricity bill? Chances are, not in the recent past. The world is moving online and the internet is a gateway to a world of opportunities available at your convenience.

Then why should startup support not be available at your convenience? Why travel to Mumbai when your business is in Patna? Why wait for another 2 months for an acceleration program to start when you need it today? Can we rethink support for startups in India?

Our answer is yes, and StartupWave is our initiative to bring this vision to reality. StartupWave can help your startup at whatever stage it is – idea, pilot, or growth – by providing advice, mentorship, business support and access to funding. Our support is both online and offline, and there is no need to travel, relocate, or follow a fixed schedule. We help your startup grow through a step-by-step journey – with the first step open to anyone with an idea.


StartupWave is a virtual incubation platform that has been built as an infrastructure for the Indian startup incubation ecosystem, conceptualized by Intellecap in partnership with Government of UK’s Department for International Development in India and GIZ on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). As a collaborative platform, it aims to “democratize incubation” and is a one-stop service, providing a blend of virtual and in-person support to take start-up enterprises from idea to investment stage. This platform is designed in consultation with and is being used by incubators, corporates, funds and startups.

Founding Partners

Organizations that conceptualized, seeded and launched StartupWave